Business Insurance

Waste & Recycling Insurance

We have extensive experience of the waste and recycling sector, from skip hirers through to landfill sites, and can arrange bespoke insurance, ensuring your business is fully protected against risks.

The waste and recycling industry carries many complex risks, exposures and liabilities, calling for a broker with specialist knowledge to advise on your insurance requirements.

Whether you are a recycling centre, landfill and/or incineration site, skip hirer, waste transfer station, waste management contractor or biomass company, and whether you are involved in the disposal or metals, plastics, paper, cardboard, liquids or hazardous waste, we can ensure you are adequately insured through a major insurer or specialist underwriter, as appropriate.

We can carry out a full risk assessment, ensuring your business complies with latest legislation and health & safety requirements, and that your company and employees are fully protected. In particular, we can advise on product, public and pollution liability; plant, machinery and technology; engineering inspection; material damage; and legal expenses.