Business Insurance

Professional Indemnity

We have extensive experience arranging indemnity insurance for professionals, protecting your legal liabilities against third parties claiming against you.

If you are a professional involved in providing a skill or service to other businesses, it is essential that you protect your interests.

While everyone aims to provide the best possible service possible, mistakes or mishaps sometimes occur, and it is possible that your clients may file a claim against you if they incur financial losses, damage or injury as a result.

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect your professional liabilities and safeguard your business against such risks. It is generally taken out by a wide range of professionals, including architects, accountants, business consultants, journalists, construction and engineering consultants, estate agents, surveyors and IFAs.

We can advise you on the level of indemnity insurance you should have in place and arrange bespoke cover, tailored to your specific needs, through a major insurer or specialist underwriter.

We can also advise on such extras as libel or slander, run off liability, loss of or damage to documents, contractor’s design or construct risks, incoming/outgoing partners, dishonesty of employees, subrogation against employees, breach or warranty or authority, and compensation for court attendance.